Free Tips for Golf Swing

Free Tip 1. Straight Talk

Even the best players sometimes forget the first step to hitting any successful golf shot. You have to know where your target is. To drive the point home, I’ll interrupt students after they’ve set up to the ball and ask them to point at their target without looking up.
You’d be surprised how many times the fingers point right or left. Try this drill yourself to make sure you’re keeping your mind connected to the target on each shot.

Getting your shots to fly on line is the next step to success. Once you’ve started hitting your shots on line, you need to be able to control how those shots curve. And when you can do that, it’s time to learn how to make trajectory work for you. One of the fundamental concerns for golfers trying to break 100 is getting the ball started on the right line. Often, the problem is a poor swing path. Before you worry about fixing golf shots that are curving too much, get your ball started on your intended line. That makes the next steps to lower scores simpler.

Tips 2. Iron Play

A lot of golfers try to reach or use their hands to hit the ball  with their irons. What they don’t realize is that you need to  maintain a natural, free shoulder tilt or angle throughout your swing.  This angle is created because one of your hands is lower than the  other when you grip the club. So if you move your hands to reach or  catch the ball, you’ll change that angle and mis-hit your shot.

Concentrate on making a balanced movement forward to the target  with your body. As you move forward with your swing, feel your body  turn and face the target while keeping your balance. It’s as easy  as walking forward, and the golf club will naturally stay out in front  of you. By not reaching, your shoulder tilt will remain at the same  angle throughout the entire swing.

Try this drill and then take a  look at your position when you finish. You’ll see that your balance  has improved, and you’ll begin hitting crisper and more accurate  shots to the green. Free tips for golf swing will take easy when you try !

Tips 3. Swing through the Ball

An all-too-common mistake made by golfers is To let up on the swing after impact. It is essential  to maintain a firm grip and swing through the ball With good extension toward the target.

Tips 4. Golf Swing Myths

One of the biggest myths about the best golf swing is that you must keep your head down during the swing. Actually, what’s more important is keeping your chin up as you swing. This is so your shoulders can pass freely under your chin, allowing your head to remain still and focused on the ball. Another myth is the so-called swing to right field. This is to help some golfers achieve a square-to-square swing path. Instead, you should concentrate on not bringing the golf club inside of your target line too fast. Think of your swing as a ferris wheel, not a merry-go-round. Finally, make sure you follow through with your right shoulder over your left foot to complete the swing.

Iron shot tips – you aren’t Ben Hogan.

Play the Ball Further Back In Your Stance

Did you know that Ben Hogan played ALL of his shots at the same spot in his
stance, from 2 iron up? Well, fact is we will never be Ben Hogan, but there are
lessons to be learned here.

Many of us fail to make good contact on the fairway because of ball placement
relative to our stance. The objective of a good ball strike is to make contact
with the ball while your club is in the downswing. The perfect divots you see
the Pros make are made IN FRONT of where the ball lies. Which makes sense. You
DON’T want to hit the ground before you hit the ball!! Talk about a loss of
momentum and velocity. Bad.

So, what does this lead us to? The average golfer should play his low irons in
the middle of their stance, and move SLIGHTLY backwards as you go up a club.
Many of us make the mistake of playing the ball with a 3 or 4 iron off of our
left in-step (if you are a right handed golfer).

If this is new to you, you need to also remember that because the ball is
further back in your stance than normal, it should also be a tad bit closer to
your body.

Try it the next time you are on the course. Remember exactly where the ball was
when you hit it. Adjust your body, not the placement of the ball relative to the
stance, if you mishit. When you finally hit that shot that jumps off your club,
you got it right. Practice that shot until you get it down (Practice doesn’t
make Perfect, Perfect Practice makes Perfect).

Bear in mind that your head must be kept down. My favorite method is too pick
out a dimple on the golf ball, and stare at that through my back and down swing,
until my natural momemtum lifts my head up.