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Free Golf Ebooks Online:

How To Solve Your Golf Problems.
Why You Can Improve Without Practice.

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As promised, Here is that golf ebook “How To Solve Your Golf Problems”, and the one that I wrote called: “Why You Can Improve Without Practice.” Left Click on the links to bring them right up to read or Right Click them and choose “Save Target” or “Save Target As.”

Free golf tips

Free Golf Ebooks “How To Solve Your Golf Problems”

This is a large file, 21 mb and could take awhile to download. With a slow internet speed, be patient and let it download.

How to solve your golf problems is an excellent resource for you to have on hand for as long as you play the game.

And for those that wonder if I’ve gone off the deep end, well, read “Why You Can Improve..” and decide after that 🙂

Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practice

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  1. good day : the link – doesn’t work – I cannot download it Can you help please?

  2. Thank you very mucyh!

    I’ll study your e-books & apply your teaching …as soon as our links will be practicable (now : snow in Belgium)

  3. Hi,
    I get a ‘500 Internal Server Error’ when I click on the “Why You Can Improve Your Game Without Practice” link and if I cut and paste “”. Please help.

    • Hi Bobby,

      That site was down for awhile. It’s up now and the link works. Let me know if any problems.

      Greens and fairways,

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      Bellevue WA 98005

      “Your swing is good enough to go low”

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