Get out of those fairway bunkers

Bunkers – How to Play Them

Fairway Bunkers

The fairway bunker shot can be an intimidating shot for many inexperienced
golfers. For starters, when playing out of fairway bunkers, it is wise to take
one to two clubs more than normal. Begin by setting up normally, with your feet
slightly dug in for stability and the ball positioned more toward the middle of
your stance. Next, grip down slightly on the club for greater control.

Right before you begin your backswing, lift your chin off your chest. That
raises your center of gravity and increases your ability to hit the ball first,
which is crucial in executing the shot. Swing at 70 percent of your normal speed
and there’s a good bet you’ll hit a clean, solid shot.

So, Hitting a shot from a fairway bunker poses no great problem if the ball has
a good lie. (Well, I am really just trying to build your confidence.  I could
say, you are in a bunker, you’re score just went up three strokes!!!)

Long or middle irons as well as 3, 4, and 5 woods can be used with confidence
in this situation. Take a open stance, wider than normal. Work your feet into
the sand for better balance. Play the ball back 1″ to 2″ to assure that the club
hits the ball before the sand.
Choke down on the shaft. Close your eyes (just kidding)
From an open stance, aim slightly to the left. Swing Normal Speed Pray.
On long fairway bunker shots, try a 5 wood in preference to a long iron. Don’t
try to overpower this shot. Restrict your body turn and swing easy.
Now, if it is a BAD lie, then you need to play the course.  Grab your club you
are confident with, between a 7 and SW.  Observe the course.  Realize that you
are not Tiger Woods.  Realize the average golfer will clunk it out about 75
yards.  Aim for a safe fairway shot to get you back into play.  Shoot for the
MIDDLE of the fairway, not left or right, 75 yards ‘down bunker’.
Most importantly, follow through on your swing.  Most weekend golfers, whether
near the green or in a fairway bunker, STOP their swing on impact.  Golf is
simple.  You ALWAYS need to follow through.  Again, swing easy and follow

Greens and fairways,



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