Tips for golf chip shots

Golf chip shots tips

Chipping and pitching are two areas that can really shave strokes  off your score.
But unfortunately, golfers don’t practice these  skills enough. The first thing to
work on is your set-up. Keep your  feet close together with your weight favoring the
left side. The  ball should be back in your stance. Now you’re ready to make a

Use small arm swings for short shots, longer arm swings for  longer shots.
Brush the grass to get the ball up in the air.  Another important part of chipping
and pitching is club selection.  You should try to hit the ball about one-third of
the distance in  the air and let it roll the remaining two-thirds to the hole. To do
this, you can use a wedge, 8-iron, 5-iron or another club. By  combining the use of
different clubs and different length arm  swings, you can get the desired results and
become a very  proficient short-game player.

The key to hitting low, crisp chip shots is keeping your left wrist  (if you are a
right hand golfer) straight. Most errant shots occur  because the left wrist bends at
impact.  It should remain straight.

By keeping your left wrist solid, the ball will stay on the target  line, and you’ll
find the ball rolling towards the pin. You do not  have to scoop the ball on a chip
shot. Think of it as an extremely  long putt!!!

We firmly believe we have insisted upon the necessity of  keeping your wrist
straight / solid / DO NOT FLEX for chips  shots. If you find you just can’t get the
hang of this,  then find a pen (or a pencil). Next time you have to keep  your right
wrist fixed, stick a pen between your watch so  that it covers your wrist and part of
your palm.

You’ll get the hang real quick. If you STILL don’t, use a  pencil sharpened on both
ends. OUCH!! You’ll get the hang  real fast!! 🙂

(Note to readers: We don’t REALLY encourage you to use a  sharp object. Only if you
have medical insurance, and don’t  mind pain!!)


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