Find your optimum strategy on the golf course

Scoring Golf is a game of numbers.  A four is a four is a four.  Remember,  one of
those, and two of those, and one of those equals four.  How  you get there is
irrelevant.  So, what are we saying?  Play smart and think strategy!

If you have an opportunity to hit
the ball through a thicket of  trees that has a 5% chance of succeeding, or kicking
(whoops, I  mean pitching) it out to the fairway, play smart.

Set yourself up  for
an easier shot.  Then, one-putt.  One putts save a lot of  strokes. That’s  good strategy.
I recommend everybody do it as often as possible. Play the course.  Don’t let the
course play you.  If you can wallop  the ball 280 yards, but the fairway is 10 yards
wide at that point  versus hitting the ball 220 to a fairway that is 40 yards wide,
which should you go for?  OK, you should go for 220, but I will  acknowledge that
‘letting it loose’ on the course is more fun.  Until you add up  the strokes on the hole.

Strategy to Build Your Confidence!!

What can you do to build confidence? Here are some quick tips:

–    Approach each putt believing you’ll make it. But if you don’t, be realistic:
remind yourself that even the best players in the world only make about 50% of six
foot putts.

–    Even if you feel that you need to be aware of what you’re doing wrong, don’t
lose sight of what you’re doing right. After each shot, go over what went well. Say
things to yourself like, “Contact was solid,” or “My tempo was good,” or “I planned
that shot well.”

–    Keep a daily diary of the positive aspects of your golf game. Review the diary
weekly, and visually recall what you did well (well, maybe not daily.  I know I don’t
have the time to play that often, but too late, I already wrote this, and it is
easier to keep typing then to erase).

–    Become more aware of the conditions under which you achieve optimal performance
(as if there may be such a thing). Be especially attuned to your state of mind: e.g.,
do you play better on the course when you’re energized or when you’re relaxed? The more you
understand about yourself as a player, the easier you’ll find it to create
confidence-building experiences for yourself, on or off the course.


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