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From the desk of:
Mitch Tarr
January 15, 2012
Dear fellow golfer,

I know how frustrated you must feel, learning to play this game and starting to love it. But always finding there is always one more thing to learn and realizing that this is only the beginning.

Then, you get on the course and everyone is an expert!

Your regular golf partners or new friends watch you play and they introduce something for you to do or try. Or worse they try to do it in the middle of a round. And they are convinced their golf tip is the one that will do it for you.

What they don’t know is that this golf tip is a direct opposite to the last free golf tip you received last round and they wonder . . .

… why you really are not in a great mood!

You’re suffering from the condition called “the love of the game”. Most likely you know some or all of these symptoms:

  • Drives going left, right, short.
  • Putts that are not even close
  • Fear of bunker play
  • Fear of hitting over water
  • Uncertain club selection
  • Disapointment in your score
  • Loss of your sense of humor
  • The desire to swear out loud – frequently

Almost every golfer has similar experiences. And many golfers resign themselves to think there is nothing you can do about it!

But I tell you, you can, because …
I Have Walked in Your Shoes.

Hi, my name is Mitch Tarr and was faced with ALL of these symptoms.

Every round it was something. Some years I would play frequently and others not very many at all. But I was always tormented by golfers that seemed to enjoy the game.

I’ve invested in lessons and new hardware, read magazines, watched the golf channel and even bit my tongue as other amateurs like myself dished out their favorite golf tip.

Until recently, that is!

I knew I was never going to golf like a pro without a serious investment but I was so hooked on the game — there was no way I was going to accept rounds of 110 or more. The average golfer actually shoots a 107. I was sure there must be a way.

I even told my regular golfing buddies about my dilemma and you know what?
The worst part was …
They Were Powerless to Help Me and Offered Even More Golf Tips I Couldn’t Use!”

I was even thinking of giving up this frustrating sport (which I could never bring myself to do) so 3 years ago I decided to take things into my own hands.

I started to read everything I could on golf tips. On line, book after book from the library, golf videos, every lesson from the Golf Channel and every issue of every golf magazine I could find.

And I made notes. Pages and pages of notes. Then I discovered the secret. It was there all the time. But I couldn’t see it looking at one golf tip at a time. I had to read them all, make notes on them all.

Then and only then could I know what needed to be done. Especially when I see that Tiger goes to the range and hits every club to the same distance in front of him. Then Annika plays every club with the same tempo. Every club.

I knew at that moment that I had to play my game. The game of a casual golfer–a weekend warrior.

I had to write my golf tips from the perspective of someone who hasn’t hit 10,000 balls by their 21st birthday.
I Realized Golf Tips Had to be Right for the Weekend Warrior–easy to learn.
Sure it took three years to organize these golf tips into a book that could be understood my someone like me. But in the end it was worth it.

Why, you ask?

I no longer plan on losing 5 balls a round. I no longer find this great sport puts me in bad humor. I spend less time in the woods and grass and more time selecting the correct club without second guessing my self or asking someone to choose for me.

As I started trying these golf tips, I found I was making progress. From the green to the tee, there were improvements at every step.

Now trying these golf tips was easier said than done for an old dog like me.

But I stayed with it. I had many bad habits to work on. I needed to systematically take these tips and improve upon them and organize them so that other golfers could improve.

No theory was going to work here, I needed course-proven golf tips built on my vast research.
And I Had The Perfect
Guinea Pig … ME!

Being the infrequent golfer that I was I had to prove that golf could be learned on the course. Being the inconsistent golfer that I was gave me the perfect advantage over professionals. I had to test these golf tips through trial and error.

I’m going to be honest with you, this was not easy. Many times I felt like giving up when I was trying out a new GREAT golf tip that ended up solving one problem and leaving me with a new one in its place.

So I …

Looked at where golfers could get the best improvement.

Read everything I found improving your game.

Published the free golf tips newsletter and read every email that was sent to me.

And most of all, tried golf tips out all the time

… and little by little I knew which things could really make a difference.

So by now, you may be asking …
What Will You Learn?

  1. Our theory of golf. I show you how easy it really is to improve your score . . . you may be thinking about the wrong things.
  2. Putting … 49 tips. It all starts here. Never miss from within 6 feet again. Learn how to read greens. Learn to drain them from 12 feet. Never feel the yips about a 2 footer.
  3. Sand & Bunker Shots … 19 tips. Lose your fear!
    “When you are in a green side bunker, and you need to get out (like you would need to stay in??), the most common mistake made is taking a half swing, and not following through. Try this: Pretend the ball is… ” (page 24)
  4. Whether you’re in a fairway or green side bunker, our golf tips will show you how to consistently and EASILY escape!
  5. Fairway Shots … 11 tips. Learn good golf tips course management — make the right club and shot choice.
    “The fairway… separates golfers into two groups, Group A on the right, looking for their ball in the water, and Group B on the left, looking for their ball in the trees.” (page 26)
  6. Chipping & Lobbing … 8 tips Know what to do from 50 yards in. You will drop strokes from this section for sure.
  7. Iron Play … 3 tips. Learn to select the right club and why. Includes a special new golf tips section on hybrid clubs.
  8. A Solid Pre-Shot Routine … 6 tips. Learn which pre-shot routines work and which ones are killing you every shot.
  9. The Grip … 11 tips It all starts here. Find the grip which is right for your game.
  10. The Swing … 24 tips. Learn the top three things that keep your from being smooth.
    “Should my swing change with different clubs?” (page 49). Learn the secret (hint: there really isn’t one) about the swing.
  11. Driving … 21 tips . You hit 15 tee shots a round (18 less the par 3s). Discover valuable golf tips to help you relax, set up, and hit a tee-shot you’ll want everyone to watch.
  12. Drills That Are FUN! 22 tips, and (at least) one confession.
  13. How to Hit Awkward Shots … 6 tips. Discover the secrets of trick shots….that end up not being tricky after all!
  14. How to Hit Specialty Shots … 12 tips. OK, this is much like above, but some valuable nuggets here!
  15. How to Play in ANY TYPE of Weather–that’s why you are the weekend warrior.
  16. How to Avoid the: Shank / Slice / Hook / Fat / Thin Lose your fear! Fix your worst nightmares, one at a time.
  17. REAL Course Management … 10 tips Learn how to play the course, and not have it play you!
  18. Equipment Review … 9 tips. Discover how the clubs you have are probably good enough..but LEARN which clubs you should be using!!

Free golf tips Resources. We did all the research so you don’t have to.

. . and there’s more . . . MUCH MORE!.

3 years in the making

Full of PRACTICAL TIPS that will lower your score immediately!

HOT TIPS that you’ve never seen before (or won’t again!)

Page after page of down to earth, easy to implement SOLID tips

Made so simple that beginners can finally understand what it takes to play a solid game of golf consistently

Golf swing tips, tips for beginners & intermediate players, golf putting tips… they’re ALL here!
…and a few giggles as we go

I am a big fan of Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh (well, and Davis Love, because he’s my size, and it irritates me that he can out-drive me by 100 yards…but you have to admire that).

Anyway, ask them, they’ll tell you:

You learn this game from the green to the tee.

And remember, you are not just getting some random golf tips or or filler for a magazine. Everything is based on research and testing dealing with almost any kind of golfing situation.

This means that not only do you receive all the information needed to improve your golf game you also get the tools to …
Increase Your Confidence AND Enjoyment At the Same Time!
Enjoy Your Tips From Green to Tee!

You’re receiving detailed tips you can put to work your next round. You can follow 1, 3, 5, 15 golf tips, the choice is yours.

This is NOT a plan you have to do perfectly right all at once, or even in the exact sequence I prescribe.

I wish I could watch how amazed you’ll be when you start out doing only one or two simple things suggested to you and immediately experience the same relief I did.

Most of the approaches are simple and easy common sense things, that make sense as soon as you feel it. It’s just that nobody has ever told you before from the same perspective that I do.

I’m actually so convinced about your gratification that I want to give the guide to you without any risk on your part.
Try Golf Like A Pro: Golf Tips For Weekend Warriors And Decide Later If You Want To Keep It!

That’s right …

Grab your copy today. You don’t even have to wait for it, as it is downloaded on line right here from this web page. To download it, you only need to click one link … that’s how simple it is.

If you’re for any reason not 100% thrilled with the results, just send me a short email stating your full name and the date when you did download the guide, and within days, your money will be paid back to your credit card or paypal.

… you have my word on it!

But most likely it will never come to this. I receive very few refund requests, but endless thank you letters from golfers just like you.

However, like stated before … my money back guarantee is 100%, no questions asked and the best part is you have a whole 365 days before you decide!
So How Much Does The eBook Cost? $17. Yep, seriously…

To tell you the truth, when I first found that I had a method to help fellow golfers improve their game, I wanted to give it away for free. I know how much you’re struggling because went through the same hell as you’re in.

But my fellow golfing buddies told me I was crazy!

They pointed out to me how ridiculous it was to give such a unique information for free.

People are buying books, golf training aids, $190 putters, specialty clubs in the hope of improving their game. And I’m showing you how you improve your game, one golf tip at a time, one round at a time!

Not only that but …
You’re Actually Saving Money!

The way I look at it is if you read my book and start to make the improvements you can, you may not be so quick to plunk down $500 for the latest driver promising another 20 yards on your drive.

It may not be a driver, it may be expensive lessons, a new putter, specialty clubs but it is probably something.
So Imagine How Your Golf Game Could Be…

Following the golf tips you’re about to learn, you will be playing a new game in no time…

… most likely you will be busting with pride at your new personal best!

Instead of 3 putts, you will walk up to the read aware of what you should do. You will read the green properly. You will sink more long putts and way more from inside 6 feet. Save you . . . what . . . 4 strokes a round? And you won’t hear “You’re still away” any longer.

Instead of a slice or hook, your ball lands on the short grass . . . like it has eyes. Stay one the fairway once at the right time and not only is it easier but you may save a lost ball or OB stroke as well.

Instead of fear of sand traps, you walk up to the edge of the trap and KNOW that your next shot will be on the green–not another trap.

Instead of taking out a ‘water ball’, you imagine your shot landing on the green. Par 3’s no longer look like a 6 on your card.

Instead of laying up short, you will want to ‘go for it’. Your confidence will soar and you will surprise yourself by ‘going for it’ and making it!

Finally, you can enjoy golf again.

Imagine how different your rounds are going to be when you are more confident and skilled and relaxed about the game. It is a game after all.

My accountant (who is a 16 handicap) said it was DUMB to run a website where you GIVE AWAY FREE GOLF TIPS! He tells me that considering what this book will do for you, I should charge at least $69. But for a limited time I’m ready to give it to you for only $17.

And in order to sweeten the deal, I am also going to throw in:

THREE Super Bonuses (a $56 value)
— yours to keep, no matter what you decide!
SUPER BONUS #1: ($19)

“Golf Lessons and Tips” — 25 Lessons That Will Improve Your Game

SUPER BONUS #2: ($9)

“Golf Tips” — 50 Further free golf tips to Improve Your Game

SUPER BONUS #3: ($19)

Golf Terms — Golf Tips Terms and Terminology

What are you waiting for … in less than 5 minutes this important information will have you playing better, enjoying more, and lower scores.

There is NO waiting for shipment as you download the book on line

There is NO waiting for results as the golf tips work the very first day

There is NO risk as everything is 100% money back guaranteed

Play Well and Enjoy!

Mitch Tarr
Author of “Golf Like A Pro”

Don’t forget about our bonus’! Free Downloads of “Golf Lessons”, “Golf Tips” and “Golf Tips and Terminology” FREE, when you purchase Golf Tips “Play Like A Pro”!! Our e-Book is instantly downloadable. You will receive a copy online IMMEDIATELY after payment.

Just to make one point from the letter more clear …

As mentioned before, the guide is 100% money back guaranteed. This means that if you’re not totally satisfied with what you receive, you only have to send me one email and I’ll immediately give you a refund.

Read What Other Golfers Have to Say About Golf Like A Pro: Golf Tips for Weekend Warriors.

The problem with a lot of golfers, myself included is that we don’t have much time for practicing. We work a gazillion hours on the job and we’re just thankful that we get to play golf when on Saturday or Sunday. If we do get to practice it is a little bit before a round or a quick bucket of balls on the way home from work. The Golf Tips book is ideal because it gives you small chunks of information that you can work with, one at a time.

Sometimes when I practice, it is what ever I did poorly the last round of golf that I played. Now I go to the Golf Tips Book and look for something specific to help the problem of the day. The book has been a lot of fun to work with and is unique in it’s approach to self improvement.

– Mike Fenton,
Golf Tips “Play Like A Pro”” is truly a unique book. There are SO MANY tips, you honestly CAN’T use them all. But pick out the ones that suit your game, like I did, and your score WILL be lowered. This book is not only funny, it really is practical. A solid two tees up!

George Sim, 12 handicap
Wichita Falls, Iowa He is one FUNNY guy. Look, I don’t play golf. Well, you wouldn’t call what I do on a golf course “golf”, okay? But I did enjoy his humour. Like this off-camera remark on page 37: “During my Pre-Shot Routine, I wiggled and waggled, and mentioned to my friend that I got a new set of clubs for my wife. He said it was the best trade I ever made.”

Gary Harvey,


p.s. It’s guaranteed for 90 days. No questions asked, money-back guarantee if not satisfied. Period!