Tips for making golf sand shots easy

There’s nothing to fear about shots out of the sand.

I’ve found that old saying:  “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” really comes into play for golfers when attempting a sand shot.  I personally would rather have a sand shot any day than a hard pan lie or a deep rough near the green.

As with other areas of the game, you want to look at being in the beach as a good thing! Most pros think this way. Why? Because you have much more control over spin and the largest margin of error of all the shots in your bag. Sand is very forgiving.

This really is one of the easier shots in golf… it really is!  It is the one the shot in golf that has the most room for error with regard to where the club strikes the ground.  This knowledge, going into the shot, will give you great comfort when you think it.  Haven’t you seen the pros in a tournament talking to the ball and telling it to “get in the trap” when they know it’s going to miss the green?

Sand Shot tips

Getting out of the sand can be quite simple, if you follow these few steps. First,
use a sand or lob wedge, because they both have plenty of loft to quickly get the
ball in the air. And they also have some bounce, which lets the club slide through
the sand rather than digging into it. Second, ground yourself into the sand by
wiggling your feet until you won’t slip during the swing.

This also gives you needed
information about the hardness or softness of the sand and how far behind the ball
you’ll need to hit. Remember, you are not allowed to touch the sand with either the
club or your hand before starting your swing. With soft sand, try to aim about two
inches behind the ball. When the sand is firmer, aim about an inch behind the ball.

Finally, your left arm on the backswing should be parallel to the ground, then swing
through the sand to a balanced finish. Follow these simple steps and practice them.
And you won’t fear the sand any longer.

Golf Ball Against the Bunker Face.

You know this shot.  If you have played enough times, you have walked to a bunker
only to find the ball is up against a wall of sand at the edge of the green.  You
can’t use the great sand technique you have been learned.
Really this shot is not too difficult. It’s not too difficult because no matter how
hard to hit the ball its going straight up in the air!
Basically, plant your back foot, focus on the sand behind the ball, and smash your
club into the sand.  The golf ball should pop up in the air and roll onto the green.


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