How to hit golf shots into the wind

Everyone Knows It’s Windy!

It’s a windy day.  You are 140 yards out to the green.  Which club do you use??
Hmm.. Well, I can’t tell you WHICH club to use, because we all strike the ball
differently.  I CAN tell you that you if you are hitting INTO the wind, you
should take one club more than you usually use for every 10 mph of windage.  So,
if you use a 6 iron from 140 yards out, keep it in the bag if you are hitting
into a 10mph breeze, and use your five iron. If you are hitting with the wind to
your back, you would go UP 1/2 a club.  So, use your 7 iron, and adjust your
swing speed accordingly.

Additionally, choke down on the club. This keeps the ball on a lower
trajectory, and helps to avoid the hazards of the wind!!

Most importantly, don’t swing hard!!!  A hard swing, if it connects, causes the
ball to go higher, where mother nature will do as she pleases.  A shot with 80%
of your normal swing speed will keep the ball low.

On Drives, tee the ball a little lower than normal.  This takes a lot of
practice, as you are going off your normal ‘drive swing’.  Play the ball
SLIGHTLY back in your normal stance, swing easy, and your ball will come off in
a nice, low trajectory, beating the wind, and scorching down the fairway.
You’ll also get a lot of roll from this shot

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