Do golf swing training aids really work?

Question: “I’m struggling to get keep my hands ahead of the club on the downswing. I
“unwind” the wrists to early, and I usually end up with an outside-in divot in
front of the ball, even if it feels like my right arm is glued to my torso. This
results in weak and high shots. Are there any drills or “swing thoughts” to
avoid unwinding or allowing the club to get down too early in the downswing?”

A Swing Aid  is a really good training aid for this problem.  There are a
couple of variations.    If you cock your wrists
properly on the backswing, your leading forearm will connect with the forked
portion of the Swing Aid.  Then, it’s just a matter of maintaining that
connection to the top of the backswing, and as long as possible on the

I’ve compared videos of my swing, with and without the Swing Aid(s).  I most
definitely see a later release on the swings.

Question: “I am in a FUNK!  I can’t seem to do anything right.  I used to shoot in the
80’s quite often, but now can’t get the ball off the tee, or if in a fairway,
can’t seem to get any lift on the ball. Even my putting has evaporated.
Suggestions?? (Golf Books haven’t helped)!”

I was in the same boat a few years back.  I’m still a hack, but can string
along a few good holes and usually break 80 fairly easily now.  You have to get
all these swing thoughts out of your mind. That is the first thing!!!!  Everyone
has a unique swing, based on their body type and flexibility….you need to find
yours and stick with it.  Start with chipping and get that down pat.  Than go to
pitching.  And advance to your irons.

I once read that you should swing a
driver with the same swing you use a 7 iron.  Maybe this imagery will help.  I
have read a lot of golf books in my day.  You are right, they are all
conflicting.  But that does not mean they are all wrong.  There are many ways to
skin this cat.  Find one instructional guide you like and stick with it. Give it
a chance to work.

With each change you implement, you will probably hit a lot of poor shots in
the beginning, until you get the timing and coordination down.

You’re in a funk (obviously).  Take two weeks off…. then come back and give
it up completely.  :-))  Seriously, if you don’t have the cash for professional
help, get yourself the best training aid available.  That is the only way to
work out your  problems by yourself.  The only one I know of that will
effectively teach you a decent swing is one of the “noodle clubs”.  Otherwise
known as a Whippy, or Swing Aid.  All you have to do is keep swinging the thing
and hitting balls with it.  If at first you are hitting it terrible (or not at
all), that’s good… you are one that it can help the most.  Try it, you might
be surprised.

Always carry a club around.  Hit something, a post, a cat’s scratch post, your
mother-in-law, the cat, the dog (ok, but you get the idea).  Whatever it is, aim
for the same point each and every time, keeping your address position with the
various clubs.  You can buy a golf ball on a string, but you’d have to do a
google search or other type of search to find it.  I also recommend that!

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