More golf tips for putting

Putting Basics

Just like with your regular golf swing, a good putting stroke depends on some basic
fundamentals. Here’s some great tips:

First, start with your setup. You should always play the ball forward
in your stance. Your hands should be on line with the clubhead and ball. Keep your
eyes looking down on the ball. Next, your takeaway should be low keeping your wrists
firm. Move your arms in a pendulum-like motion and accelerate through the ball. The
length of your swing will determine the distance the ball will travel. Finally, be
sure to maintain your balance with no body movement. This will help keep the club
square through the ball. Follow these basic fundamentals and be sure to practice them
next time you’re on the putting green. If you do, you’ll develop a more consistent
putting stroke, and it won’t be long before those dreaded three-putts become fewer
and far between.

Tips to make more Putts:

As the Irish say, “99% of putts that don’t reach the cup don’t go  in, and the other
1% are always short”. Bottom line, beginning  golfers should ALWAYS play to go beyond
the hole. Ideally, your  misses will stop 18″ after the hole, but, practice makes

I’d rather see you be long by 3 feet than short by 6″. At least you  know the miss
MIGHT have gone in if lined up right. The short putt  stands as much chance of going
in as I do winning against Davis  Love III in match play.

Also, match the stroke of your putt with your golf swing. If you  have a short swing
(i.e. your left arm doesn’t go too far in the  air during your backswing), your
putting stroke should match. Same  with if you have a long swing. You should have a
long stroke. Your  Body doesn’t like you fighting it.

Lastly, the average golfer 3 putts or MORE 7-8 times a round.  OUCH!! One of the
primary reasons (besides being a beginner or  weekend golfer) is that your eyes LOVE
to play tricks. If you have  a 20 foot or longer putt, I guarantee you that your eyes
are going  to think that it is only 16 feet. Has to do with triangulation of  the
eyes. But who cares about the science of it. The fact is, until  you are skilled
enough to REALLY gauge distance, factor in a couple  feet for longer putts. You won’t
regret it!!

Tips on The Stroke.

The putting stroke has a very simple goal.  The putter head should  move straight
back from the hole and move straight through the ball  straight to the hole.

Do you notice the use of the word straight?

Try to keep the putter head from touching the grass, even in the  practice or set
up.  Hover.

When you stroke the golf ball, keep your head still.  No looking or  watching.  Make the
stroke, then look second.  For anything under  six feet be sure to keep the swing
path straight.



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