How to hit a wedge shot in golf

Wedge Play

When you’re within 50 yards of the green, your best approach is a wedge shot with a
high arc and backspin to stop the ball with no roll. To do this, line up with the
ball centered in your stance and your weight equally distributed on both feet. Your
shoulder, hips, knees and feet are square to the intended line of flight. On your
backswing, your left shoulder and right side should rotate as one, with the plane
inside the line of flight. Start your downswing with your left arm. The leading edge
of the wedge goes down under the ball so the ball will slide up the face of the club.
Your left arm starts down with your hands leading the shaft and clubhead. Do not
allow your left wrist to break. Once the clubhead comes in contact with the ball,
your weight moves down the line of flight. Your backswing will determine the
distance. Practice this, and soon you’ll be hitting shots to the green that spin back
to the hole or stop on a dime.

Chip Shot Strategy

Chip shots should be as carefully planned as drives or putts.  Always use the least
lofted club needed to get you safely on the green. In most cases a seven- or
eight-iron will serve you better Than a nine-iron or wedge. Once you’ve selected the
right club, Aim for a spot on the green about one third of the way toward  The hole.
Swing smoothly, hit the target and allow the ball to run toward the hole.

Chip for Accuracy

When you’re near the green, chipping with a seven- Or eight-iron may be your best
option. Since they Behave somewhat like putts, chips are usually more Accurate than
high-lofted wedge shots.

Putt From off the Green.     If you have flat, but decent turf between you and the
green, a  Long putt is never a bad choice instead of a chip. You can  Mis-hit it a
bit and still get decent results.

The key is to make A full, firm, downswing and follow through. Don’t decelerate.
You might not get the ball to the green.

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