How to enjoy winter golf

I know, for some, that title sends chills up and down their body. For others, they look forward for the time when the golf course is almost empty (almost, because if you there, it is not empty).

Other people think, “What, isn’t golf suppose to be played when the sun is bright and warm”. Yes, but standing still for long periods of time because the golfers ahead are slower than “cold molasses”, is not fun or “real golf”. wintergolf2

For me, winter golf is a time when I can “take my time”, and enjoy golf. I am looking for relaxing swings of the golf club, not for a low score or a long drive, but a time I can relax and enjoy the game. (yes I know, I just said that. There is a reason for that.)

The game of golf is not intended to be a game of frenzy swings, but an opportunity for seeing how well you really can “play” golf. (remember – golf is a game.)

Here are simple “suggestions” to have a good time.

1. Leave your #1club in your car or at home. It is not needed. It will only get you in trouble in the winter. You have clubs in your bag that can give you same distance you normally have, you just haven’t discovered that yet.

2. Have a plan and play the plan.

3. Embrace the winter rains and weather, they will always be there.

4. Use your woods as often as you can. Sweep the ball off the ground/grass. Do not “hit down” on the ball, unless you like to dig the ball out of the mud in front of you.

5. Do not try to hit the ball as high as you can. If you do, you will be forever hunting for the white top of a golf ball that has buried itself in the soft course. Also, don’t hit the ball as hard as you can. (see above why).

6. For winter golf, you are allowed to hit the golf ball a little softer so it doesn’t bury itself when it lands.

raingolf17. Don’t try to hit the ball out of a mud divot. This is winter time and there are winter rules, like “use common sense when playing golf in the winter”.

In the winter you are allowed to pickup the ball, wipe mud off the ball, and drop it back into the mud. 🙂

8. At the end of the day, you will be surprised how well you can really play and how low your score can be (if you are keeping it :).

Important information: Wear winter pants, the water proof kind. They are easier to clean than your blue jeans. Wear waterproof boots and have lightweight wool socks to keep your feet warm and dry. (Dry and warm feet are happy and if they are happy you will be also.)


by John Vosgien

Expert bad weather golfer

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