How to get better at golf right now

Our Top Improvement Strategies.

1.  Work on your putting first.  One stroke is still one stroke whether it’s 8
inches or 320 yards.  Learn to read a green, practice your setup, develop your mind,
find your dominant eye and get on the putting green before each round.  This single
area will shave strokes off your round.

2.  Work on your short game.  If you can get the distance to the green but are just
off the green, you’ll want to be up and down in two.  If you can do  that like Tiger,
your short game will save you in more than one situation.  In sand, too long, too
short, par 3s, and on the fringe.  Get a solid chip shot  with a 3 wood, a loft
wedge, sand shots and know your nine iron and you will shave more strokes.

3.  Hit straight off the tee.  Work on your grip, stance, set-up, pre-shot routine,
take away, swing plane, hip turn and finish and remember 200 yards dead center in the
fairway beats 250 yards in sand, water, trees, deep grass, and the next fairway any
day of the week.

4.  Learn course management skills.  Plan each hole to work on your strengths.
Don’t just blast away.  The best test of this is the choice to hit a 3 wood 210
yards, or two 105 yard 8 irons.  If you are a strong short iron player and spray the
driver course management means to make that exact decision and not let your golfing
buddies talk you out of it.

5.  Learn to enjoy the game in your head.  Much of this game is played in your head
and getting a grip on your emotions and fears and the yips is one big part of the
game.  I played a round this year in which I shot an awful score but completed the
round with the same ball I started with, had 3 fabulous sand saves, 3
greens-in-regulation, drove nice and straight but three-putted 11 $%$^**&#)?/
GREENS!  I had lots of chances to throw my putter in the river, but . . . did not.

I’m getting better!
That to me is a great day.  Have more days like that.


Reading your stuff for the 1st time, I was in sync until you said “Of course, keep your head down or pick out a dimple and try to watch it thru the swing!” A dimple?? I have passed on a tip to many friends who suffered from the moving head (actually, eyes!!)..And I promise you, this works!

After lining up your shot and addressing the ball, pick a spot on the ground/grass directly behind your ball, approximately 1/4 of an inch behind the ball.

It can be a spot of dirt, or a broken blade of grass, anything, . as long as it  remains at ground level.

Forget the ball at this point, force yourself  to stay focused on your “spot” all the way thru your backswing, downswing, contact and followthrough.

Resist the temptation to follow the contact and flight until well into the backswing, because forcing the head to remain focused forces  the body to remain in the proper position until  the arms finally must turn over into the backswing..  Hey, stance, grip, ball placement, and a half decent or better swing are all important!

BUT  I’ve seen this tip help weak golfers immediately…often on the first attempt and from then on. It also works with fairway woods and hybrids  with a little more space behind the ball (no more than 1/2 inch). I picked this up from a magazine article, tried it, and as I said, it works. I’d give credit to
the author, but it was several years ago. Give it a fair trial, this will allow you to get better!
Larry Mathes, Wewahitchka, Florida


I have heard somewhere that new players should be seen and not heard, but maybe just
this once…. I currently have fewer than 10 rounds under my belt and have finally
managed to turn several holes per round into pars. I am golfing around 109 as of last
week – thanks in part to What better way to pay it forward than to offer my own tip…

As a new player, your putting opportunities typically occur by chipping onto the
green from the rough and fringe, and without the control of more seasoned players, it
often means chasing the ball back-and-forth across the green.

I have tried solving this in two ways. The first is to putt from the rough, which
can be tricky business and leads to a lot of three and four-putts.

A better way for me has been to move your grip down so you are holding the club on
the shaft below the grip. This keeps the club from gathering the kind of clubhead
speed that sends the ball to the other side of the green – and even if you hit it
thin, it’s going to resemble more of a putt and still won’t go as far as it would
otherwise. For me, it has helped on the par 4 and par 5 holes to get close enough to
the pin with one chip to make a short putt for par.

Give it a try – if nothing else, it won’t work and the axiom we started with can go
back into effect. 🙂

Joel Gaines Tucson, Az


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