How to hit fairway woods

Fairway Woods Most golfers who have trouble hitting a wood from the fairway typically
have the same faults. The problem usually can be traced to one of three areas — the
position of the ball, the shifting of your weight on the backswing, and left-side
control on the forward swing.

When hitting a fairway wood, position the ball about
two inches inside your left heel so you can sweep the ball off the turf. Then,
remember to shift your weight to the right foot by turning back with your left
shoulder and arm. Finally, as you unwind and transfer your weight on the forward
swing, you must maintain control of your left side as you hit through the ball in
order to make consistent shots.

Here’s a drill that will help you do this: Place a
tee about six inches in front of the ball. When you swing, use the tee as a reference
point as you extend the club through the ball. Keep practicing this, and you’ll start
hitting long, accurate shots with your fairway woods.

Fairway woods are often described as ‘game savers’. On long 4s,  these useful clubs
allow the average golfer to ‘get home’ in two  shots with an excellent chance at par
or birdie. A basic ‘long  club’ swing is used with only the position of the ball
being  slightly different:

Avoid leaning back and trying to ‘scoop’ the ball. Take back the  fairway wood low
and slow. Play the ball 2 inches inside the left  heel.

Relax the forearms and shoulders. A low take-back will help you  sweep the ball of
the turf.

Hit slightly down into the ball and let the loft of the club get  the ball airborne.

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