How to really improve and lower your golf score

Recent Observations on Confidence and how to really improve your golf game

Recently I played a few rounds with some new players I had met while travelling.  I
don’t normally tell people I authored a book called “Golf Like A Pro:  Golf Tips for
Weekend Warriors” because during the match there are so many interesting things to
see and do.

These three rounds were different because I found a common theme and it jumped out
at me like a snake in the grass.
This has inspired my thoughts on how your confidence can effect your game and
certainly your score.
I encountered three different golfers who were undermining their own games and
probably didn’t even know it.
You may recognize them in your playing partners.
Here is what they said — out loud.

“I can’t putt, probably won’t make this” — This one was from 3 feet out.

“I hate sand shots”

“I can’t hit over water.  Got a bag full of old balls so when I get to water holes,
I pull ’em out”

Oh, and I should mention they said these things repeatedly.
I used to be the “I hate sand shots” guy till I learned how to hit from sand and NOW
when I am in sand, I still think up and down in two.  Why?  Because, your brain and
your body respond positively to the messages you send it.
You control those thoughts when you see you see your ball ‘at the beach’.

So what is the thing you have low confidence in when you approach it?
Is it any of these?
– hitting over water

– hitting a 3 wood on the fairway

– hitting into wind

– 2 foot putts

– dog leg left (when you slice)

– green-side or fairway bunkers

– “insert fear of your choice here”

– teeing off on the first tee and an audience

– 18th hole of match play and being up/down by one

What thoughts go though your head and what do you say out loud?
Since this is a GAME its time to play a GAME with your mind. This is how you will really improve your golf game…or not.

You see wind, you smile.  You imagine you love to hit into wind AND you say out
loud, “I love to hit these shots”  You picture the one time you did it right.
Then you go into your pre-shot routine (you do have one right?) and step up to the
ball and do not hesitate.
If, by some outside chance an old thought patter creeps back into your mind, step
away from the ball and start again.
You will truly smile when this works for you.
I hope you master ALL of the thoughts that decrease your confidence or hold you


The Power of Positive Thinking is how you will improve

Always think positively. Be confident you are going to make That shot! When focused
to hit over water, try to avoid thinking about the obstacle. Instead, concentrate on
your target and on a smooth, effective swing.     To learn the proper putting stroke,
first practice with bigger, beginner-friendly targets. Then say one while swinging
back and two on the Way through. If your one is too loud, your pace won’t be even.
Try to make even, one-two sounds.


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