How to play better golf

3 Ways to Develop Consistency, Score Lower, and Play Better Golf

As I played a round of golf this weekend I was struck by how inconsistent play can affect your enjoyment of the game.

You play a hole well and score a nice par then follow with a six on a par 3 — and wham, there goes your smile.

Here are some small corrections you can make during a round to ‘get it back’

Check Your Grip

During a round it is easy to stop thinking about having the same grip each shot.  Other things on your mind.

I understand.

But one mid-course correction you can do is to double check your grip hasn’t become ‘strong’ or ‘weak’ as the round goes on.

You may not know but a weak grip can promote a open clubface and that can promote a slice.

A weak grip is when your trailing hand (right hand for us right handers) is turned counter clock wise (over the club).

The neutral grip can help you get it back.  You will know a neutral grip if the V made by your thumb and finger point to the inside of your right shoulder.

Take a look when you are hitting well.  What grip are you using?

Remember for when you aren’t hitting so well.


Check Your Alignment.

Funny thing.  In golf, the ball is not moving when you hit it.  I can’t think of any other sport where that is the case.

How hard can it be then, to aim square to the target?

First, you must have a target.  I talked about this earlier but dont’ forget to see the exact spot the ball needs to land.

Then stand directly behind the ball and face the target.  Now you know that angle.

When you set your feet they should be square to the target.  So should your shoulders and hips.  Avoid the temptation to adjust your stance to compensate for your slice or adjust your stance to compensate for your swing.

In order to improve, you need to be able to hit the ball where you intend to more often than not.

If you are square a basic swing will give you a basic (straight) shot.  And that, you can repeat.


Introduce Yourself to the Three-Quarter Swing

If you really are hitting wildly this adjustment might come in handy.

Prepare yourself to give up some distance.  It’s ok to be on the fairway and 20 yards back rather than in the creek and 20 yards further.

This adjustment will allow you to swing smooth and follow through.

Your goal is to limit the off-center hits and straighten them out.  Widen your stance a wee bit.  Take the club away and don’t think about breaking your wrists.  They will hinge at the top naturally.

Then take a smooth swing and make sure you follow through properly.  Your club will be more likely to start the swing path on the proper plane and this is what will minimize mis-hits.

How to play better golf comes in many shapes and forms but these tips will get you going again when it seems like the wheels are falling off.

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