Tips for how to putt better

Dropping in Those Long Putts

When faced with a long putt, carefully study the green for overall slope, individual
breaks, grain, wind speed and other factors that may influence your stoke.
Having decided on the proper target line, pick a spot along the line a few feet in
front of your ball and aim for that.

Once your feet and the face of your putter are squared to the target, begin to think
in terms of speed and distance.

Try to visualize the ball rolling along the desired path and into the hole. Then
make your putt with confidence. This is how to putt better!

Putt Like a Pendulum

When putting, your hands should always be slightly ahead of the club head and the
Your arms and shoulders should form a triangle that moves in unison during your back
swing and stroke-much like a pendulum.
Just slide the club back without breaking your wrists and the forward again. Be sure
to follow through straight along the line of your putt.

Place two clubs parallel to the line towards the cup on either side of the ball.
Check to see you are swinging your putter through a straight line.

Place a two by four parallel to the line towards the cub outside of the ball.  Check
to see you are swinging your putter through in a straight line.
Mark the sweet spot with a piece of tape (a half inch by a half inch should do it).
See if you can it the sweet spot with each putt.

Place 6 balls in a circle around the hole about 4 feet away.  Putt each one in
turn.  Can you make all six?  Remember to read the green before each.

In order to aim for the center of the hole, Place four tees in front of the hole
with enough room for a golf ball to squeak through. Try from two and four feet out.

For long putts, use the distance on the practice green.  Start with your short putt
routine and then hit three from 20 feet.  Then three more.  Then three more.  Are
they getting closer?
Remember 90 percent of long putting is judgement of distance.

Are you getting better yet?


Using three balls.

Find a straight putt at least 9 feet long on the putting green.
Start at 3 feet and putt each ball from the same placement.

If you make all 3 putts move back to 6 feet and so on to 9 feet. If
you miss any, you have to start over. Say you made the 3 at 3 feet
and now you have made your first ball  from 6 feet, and then you
miss the next putt. Start over at 3 feet.

Do this drill until you have completed 3 putts from 3, 6 and 9 feet
in a row.

Do this at least 3 days per week. You will be a much better putter
within 2 weeks.

Steve Bean, Fairmount Golf Course and Learning Center Riverside,

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