How I used video to improve my golf swing

Have a Video Camera??  TAPE YOURSELF!! You will be AMAZED at how  bad you look
swinging the clubs, and very impressed with yourself  that you can pick out the
flaws!!  WARNING:  WE are our own worst  critics.  You will find a lot that can
be improved.  Work on one  area at a time (i.e. follow through, backswing,
keeping head down,  etc.)

A GREAT trick I once tried was rather simplistic in nature.  As  mentioned, I
get a lot of practice on the course.  One day, I  brought my neighbors video
camera (you didn’t think I would take  mine, did you????)  I fastened with
bungee cords the video camera  to the front metal frame that holds the
windshield on my cart.  Whenever I came to my ball, I turned the camera on.
After my  (mis)hit, I turned the camera off.  I was kind enough to also do  that
for my partner.

I found out MORE during that 15 minutes (yes, the tape was ONLY 15  minutes.
Think about it) then I had learned in the previous five  years.  Try it, let me
know if it works for you.

Speaking of Videotapes, Below find a reader (anonymous) who  videotaped
himself, and saw a slight imperfection (oh, that  my  swing was only slightly

I videotaped my swing today and while it looks pretty good overall  there was a
MAJOR problem with my impact position.  It looks like  I’m in the same position
as I was when I addressed the ball: square  to my target, both arms in front.
(Unlike my address, however —  where the handle of the club is near my body —
at impact my arms  are extended and straight, at roughly the same angle as the

Do you have any tips, drills, or “thoughts” to help me get into the  *PROPER*
impact position?  (I’ve seen dozens of pictures of good  golfers and they all
look pretty similar at the moment they strike  the ball.  They are turned
slightly towards their target and the  right arm is tucked in.)

Well, “BOB”:  Sounds like you are TRYING to keep your arms in front by pushing
the right arm, instead of letting body turn pull the arms.  The  straight-line
extension of your left arm and club IS ABSOLUTELY NOT  A FAULT – it is a
consequence OF GOOD STRONG RELEASE – the pull of  the club head being so massive
that it pulls the left elbow  straight, the left wrist flatter than address, and
the shoulder  blades inward.

It also sounds like you are swinging with a pivot around the SPINE,  instead of
a pivot around THE LEFT LEG/HIP.  OUCH!!! you are  turning like a revolving door
instead of a side-hung door.

Stand on left leg alone and do 1,000,000 (or less, if you are not a  serious
golfer) swings of a Sand or Lob Wedge with your left arm  alone and videotape
THAT – and you will discover your impact  position in these no-ball swings to be
ABSOLUTELY AS GOOD as what  you see in pictures of pro swings.

Because it changes the pivot for rotation to where it belongs and  eliminates
muscling in some mis-perception that you should be  facing the ball at impact.
No, you do not face the ball: your hips  get there FIRST (your tummy), your
torso NEXT, and finally a bit  later, your arms, FOLLOWED BY an instantaneous
catch-up of the club head.

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