Inside out golf swing drill

This  drill works especially well if you have an inside out swing.

Here’s how to do it:

Square Your Club At Impact to Hit Straighter, More Consistent Golf Shots –

One way to guarantee that you hit straight shots is to make sure that the
clubface is square to your target at impact. Yes, we are full of common sense.
We also realize this is harder to do then say.  Soooo…. here is a drill to
help yourself out:  It’s an offshoot of Natural Golf, which I am NOT a proponent
of (for a full game.  It does come in handy in spots).

Here is how the drill works:

1. First, hold the club horizontally in front of your face with the right hand.

2. Add your left hand to the club

3. Turn your left arm and shoulder while folding your right elbow (be sure to
keep the right elbow in close to your body for a compact, powerful swing)

4. Return your arms to the starting position so that the right arm straightens

Now, the important part:

Bend your spine slightly so that the head of the club is now between the ground
and the horizontal position you were just in and repeat these 4 steps.

Now, tilt your spine again until you ground the head of the club behind a tee
marking where a ball will be in the next step. Repeat the 4 steps again.

Now, place a ball on the tee. As you follow the same arm-and-shoulder moving
step, keep the backswing abbreviated. Your hands should go no higher that your

As the ball leaves the clubface at impact and the arms straighten, it is very
important that you “freeze” your arms-extended position for a full five-second
count. You should perform the four stages of this drill at slow, and half and
three-quarter speeds.

This drill will teach you to become acutely aware of the clubface’s square
relationship to the target. Do 10 repetitions of this drill without
interruption. If possible, have a son, daughter, spouse, friend or a sucker
re-tee the ball for you between repetitions.

This will make the repetition automatic and learned.


From our Readers:

I thought your newsletter was great, because I can really use
some tips. I have a question. No matter what I do, my drive
always goes to the right. I’ve turned, I’ve turned my club face,
but it still goes to the right. Do you have any tips that I can use?


There are a few reasons this could be happening. Most common,
is that you are taking an ‘inside to outside ‘ swing. OR you are
taking an outside to inside swing: You start correctly, but then
bring the clubface ‘in’ towards your body, not through.

The easiest way to correct this is to take your normal setup
(ball on the left heel, if you are right handed), and aim for
a spot that is 3 inches BEYOND the ball. You must swing,
essentially, through the ball, forcing you to make a correct swing.

Oftentimes, one’s hands ‘get ahead’ of the club. This will cause
the same effect. Make sure your backswing is slow, left are
straight. Do not try to ‘kill’ the ball, that will cause
everything to go out of whack. Swing with 75% speed. You’ll be
amazed at how much distance you can get by slowing the swing down,
and hitting correctly.

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