Golf Plumb bob putting

Plumb Bobbing!

The rule of thumb when judging a break, and the size of the break,
is to use plumb bobbing.  Yes, that’s a real word (or words!)

First, you need to find your dominant eye.  Make a circle with your
thumb and forefinger, and with both eyes open, place an object in
the middle (i.e. a lamp, a flag, a picture, etc).  Now alternately
close the left eye, and the right.  Whichever eye “keeps” the
object in the middle is your dominant eye.  Do this when no one is
looking 🙂

Now, take this to the golf course.  Line up your putter, hanging
freely, behind your ball so that it matches up with the flag pin.

With your dominant eye open, you will see that the ball is to the
left, right, or straight on.  Straight on, no break.  If to the
left, the putt will generally break right to left.  Conversely, it
will break left to right if the pin is to the right.  The distance
between the ball and pin/hole is GENERALLY the amount of break.

This is not an exact science, but it will help you immensely if you
can’t read greens at all (like me).


Quick Putting Tip:

Drive for show, putt for dough.  It’s that simple.  Well, not
really, but we’ll get to that in a few issues!  Most of us get our
practice in on the 18 holes we play.  And that’s fine.  A driving
range is good for measuring distance, and is beneficial.  But how
much time and effort do we really have?

Let’s face it, practice is on the 18 holes we play.  Bottom line.
And that’s OK!

For a crude, but effective method of gaining the correct
backstroke, lay a two by four down on the ground.  Place the ball 2
inches from the two by four.  Take your putter, and place the
inside head against the two by four.  A good putting stroke will
keep the head of the putter alongside the two by four during your
back swing, and during your downswing.  Get the feel of it.  That’s
how your stroke should feel!



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