Sidehill Lie Golf Shot

More on Uneven Lies.  Is the ball above your feet or below?

Newer players will often not take into account the change in the lie when they aim the ball and they are surprised that the ball veers left or right unexpectedly. The ball actually does exactly what it should be doing.  So aim accordingly.

Don’t be surprised on uneven lies.

If the ball is below your feet . . . beware if you slice.  With the ball below your feet you are forced to bend over more and your swing will suddenly be more upright and high.

Expect the ball to slice to the right so make sure you adjust your aim to the LEFT. It will also have added spin to the right so look at your landing area and see what it means. In short aim left and watch for slice, kick and roll to the right. And once again do not attempt to crush this shot.  That only increases the chances of something bad happening.

If the ball is above your feet . . . beware if you hook left already.  With the ball above your feet you should choke up on the club a bit. Aim this shot to the right and don’t forget to add in added kick and roll at the landing spot.  I can’t tell you how many iron shots of mine rolled into water or sand before I figured this out.

One way to remember this one the course is to note that the ball will fly in the air the same way it would roll on the ground.  If it’s below your feet, it would roll away from you–or right.  So adjust your aim left.  If the ball is above your feet it will roll towards you–or left.  So adjust your aim right.


The quick way:  Side of the hill, ball above your feet:  Lean into the hill, and choke up on the club (put your hands further down the shaft. That’s it, no magic secrets. (sorry).  Lean forward more, keep the same ball position, and choke up on the club.  Swing, and amaze your friends!

Side of the hill, ball below your feet:  Lean back more so that you retain your balance on the downslope.  Grip the club all the way at the top so you use  ALL the club.


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