Tips to improve your putting

Putting Introduction.

There is no question improving your putting can have the most impact on your score
in the shortest period of time.  And at the end of the day, where did your 107 shots
come from?  Ever miss a two-footer?  Me neither, but that we can fix easily.

I think you should make a note next time you play of how many putts you took in the
round.  Make a note of the number of three-putts.  Turning eight of those into two
putts just put you under a hundred!

That being said, the best place you can spend your practice time in on a putting
green.  Or, to be honest, your carpet will help with the first step, the set up.

When was the last time you spent 30 minutes on the practice green?  A-Hah.  Thought

The Set Up.

The Grip you use in putting is NOT the grip you use to rip the ball off the tee.

Most Pros use the reverse overlap grip.  You can tell if you are using this grip if
the pads of your thumbs are down the front side of the club.  Many putters make the
front of the grip flat to help with that.

Next, you be aware of your index finger on your right hand.  It can be wrapped
around the club or flat along the grip pointed to the ground.

Putting is a very personal thing so make sure this feels relaxed to you.  Relaxed,
smooth, natural.

Your Eye over the Ball.

Find a stance that is comfortable to you with one goal in mind.  You must have your
eye directly over the ball on line to the hole.  If your putter is inside (between
your eyes and your feet) you will pull left (and miss).  If your putter head is
outside your line, you will tend to push right (and miss).

You will see golfers with their head bent over horizontally so that looking to the
pin is done with a swivel motion.  That’s a sign they are lining up properly.

Not lining your eyes over the ball and to the pin is an all-too-common mistake made
by golfers and you haven’t even started to read the green yet. Get the set up so you
can aim where you choose.

Aim on Short Puts.

For short puts, the set up is very important.  You must have the club face directed
straight at the target.  In the old days you had to be able to judge a 90% perfectly.

Now putters help you out with putter-heads that assist (see the Odyssey putter
below).  Do not strike the ball till you check this alignment.  You will be suprised
how often you find your alignment is not aimed at the hole.

Then do a practice putt.  Do NOT move six inches from the ball and aim at the hole.
That is a different shot.  Move six inches from the ball and do a practice swing
parrallel to your set up.  Then when you align it again, you will have practiced the
correct shot.


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